Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Field Alchemist's Guide, pg 15--Proper Attire for Field Alchemy

If one intends to seriously pursue field Alchemy, and the quest for Truth and the conversion of Gold from Base metals, then one must go forward properly attired.

Trousers or skirts, of sturdy hempen or linen canvas, of a dark color so as not to show stains, reinforced at the seams.

Shirt of good weave, of suitable quality for one's station, for even that field Alchemist is not a workingman.

Apron of heavy leather, pocketed to hold tools.

Thick leather boots, again of appropriate design for one's station, lacking hobnails, but with leather or rubber soles, given the use of electricity in many modern laboratories.

Eye covering such as goggles or glasses, smoked lenses are highly advised.

Alchemist's supply cuff, of heavy copper, holding necessary chemicals for field Preparations.  Labeled with personal markings, see Chapter 9. For further details on building one's own cuff and outfitting it, see Chapter 14

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