Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ghost Hunter's Snub Rifle with Banishing and Exorcism Kit

From the journal of John T. Waterman, Ghost Hunter and Traveling Exorcist

Spiritus beam and refractor crystal
August 10-
We weren't expecting any trouble.  It was a routine putting to rest of a restless spirit.  I had brought the lamp oil and flint and steel to burn the bones, Johnson the holy symbols and salt.  We had been told it was a simple haunting, by a spirit that took the form of a beautiful woman.

This was not the case.

The spirit came at us without warning, incorporeal but sweeping over us like a great, malevolent wave.  I pulled my rifle automatically, activated the Spiritus beam, revealing a woman in a tattered white dress, hands like claws.

Banishing supplies always at hand
When the beam caught her, she was rendered motionless. She screeched, but did not come closer.  I shook some salt out of the rifle's compartment, unable to reach my other packs.  When the salt struck her, she shrieked like a banshee, but did not disappear.

I took a handful of vervain, sprinkled it with Holy Water, and whispered the Solomon's Oath, scatting the holy vervain at her feet.  She dematerialized with a scream like to wake the dead.

After she vanished, we salted and burned her bones, dispersing her ghost forever.

If it were not for the rifle, our lives surely would have been lost.
The Merriweather Technology Ghost Hunter's Rifle with Banishing Kit
~Grand Adventuring!~

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