Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clothes for Miss Merriweather

I spend most of my time making costumes for other people.  I thought for my birthday this week, it was time to get something made for myself.  To that end, I've commissioned a costume made by a seamstress I know.

The Samantha Merriweather persona is one I'm rather fond of.  She's down to earth, focused on her gear and on what she can make.  As such, her clothing needs to be simple, and functional.  Still, she's upper class, so they can't be too much that of a workingman.

So, I'll be getting this skirt and jacket made:
I've been told it's a fairly common pattern, and that I'll see a lot like it. Ah well.  I have a feeling most of them will be far higher up the class scale than mine will be, and I think accessories can make or break a costume, and that's my department after all.

It's shown in fancy fabric, which absolutely won't work for Miss Merriweather.  Mine will be a little different-- jacket made in sturdy brown courderoy, lined with spring green cotton.  The skirt will be made in tan muslin, and designed to be worn over several petticoats. It will have chain details, and buttons that are Victorian reproductions. Lower class, yes, but with enough fine details to make it count.

It's made to be worn over a corset, but while that might be appropriate, it's certainly not practical for the modern-minded Woman.  We'll be altering the pattern to allow it to be worn over a shirtwaist.

Then of course, the fun part--accessories.  I own these wristlettes  and this choker (in a lovely chocolate brown) from the fabulous Scarletrabbit (on Etsy here)

Then I get to make my very own guns. I'm also thinking about putting together a gear-maker's tool bandoleer.
Suggestions and advice always appreciated, and I'll be updating with in-progress pictures.

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