Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real as Patent Medicine

I had two projects fall apart on me this week, so I've decided to give up gear manufacturing in exchange for selling snake oil.

Pandemonium's Patent Preparation, and the Pandemonium Machine are the latest, best interpretation of an age-old cure, known only to certain monks high in the Himalayas, and brought to the Western World by Professor Pandemonium himself, purveyor of all things fine and fortifying.

Suffer from bouts of gout? Ill humor? Demon Possession? Never again! With Pandemonium's Preparation, taken daily, you will never know the ills of the body, mind, or spirit!

Available only through Merriweather Technology, one little bottle can cure anything that ails you!


This has been a fun device to work on, because it combines everything I love to do. I've gotten to do some image editing for the logos, some decoupage and painting for the box, and of course gear assemblage for the device itself.  Plus, a bit of creative problem solving to make a device that "works."  When I'm done, you'll be able to attach the inhalation tube to the device, and mock-breathe the fumes (of course everything is sealed up properly, but the effect is there.)

Plus, I've done some research into patent medicine. (Some fun information and a good bibilography can be found here)I knew about using cocaine, hashish, and heroin, but hadn't realize just how many potentially fatal thing were used as medicine. Electricity in a bottle, anyone?

I'll leave you with the bare bones of the Pandemonium Machine

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