Thursday, September 15, 2011

ACEO Mania, or Why I'm Not Making Gear

I realize there's been a serious lack of tech for a blog that's supposed to be about gear and gadgets, but I've realized that no matter how much you love doing something, you occasionally need to take a break, and let your creativity rest.

I was getting in a rut with my gear, making the same thing over and over rather than innovating and producing really unique pieces I could be proud of.  One of the things I love about gear making is creating items that are really and truly one of a kind, nothing like anything else I've made.  I wasn't content that I was doing that.

So I'm taking a little break.  I have a bunch of supplies waiting for me when it's time to go back, including two fantastic gun bases, a couple alarm clocks, and several camera lenses. But....I want to do them justice.

Because of all this, I'm going back to collage making for at least a couple weeks, focused particularly on ACEOs.  I love the format, and I love making them, because I can do some really silly things in such a compact space. 

It's been great to clear my palate, so to speak, with something different. 

One of my Etsy teams (the Time Travelers Team) is doing a Halloween contest, and it's been fascinating to see the different styles of cards that the different members create.  Each very much has its own flavor, unique to the creator, but you're very much able to tell whose is whose based on their style.  It's been interesting to to see how many people make digital cards and prints.

I feel like I could have done more with my entries, but overall I'm pleased, if only because they're a little (or a lot) silly. 

Hearth and Home
Anabelle Lee


I'm a little worried the witch and cat one will be interpreted as some sort of Never Again the Burning Times thing, which is....well, not what I'm going for, to say the least.  And yes, I really did reference and RPG. 

I also did three for myself, that I'm really quite pleased with, though two of them are very, very silly.

Apple Trees
The Devil His Due

The lyrics on Apple Trees comes from "Apple Trees" by Ozma.  Also, I'm seriously hoping that the translations of "fork" are all correct.  If not, blame babelfish

Hopefully in a few weeks we'll be back to our regularly scheduled Steampunk accessories and costuming, but I'll wait till I'm pleased with the quality of my work.

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  1. Love the ACEOs! :-)

    My favorite: "The Devil His Due"

    Have fun! I know I am! hahahahahahahaha :-D