Thursday, September 8, 2011

ACEOs and ATCs

"La Belle Dame sans Merci"
Through the Time Travelers Team on Etsy, I've discovered ACEOs and ATCs.  The abbreviations stand for Art Cards Editions and Originals and Artist Trading cards.

They're 3.5 x 2.5 (the size of a Magic card) pieces of artwork designed to be sold, traded, and collected.

Since I'm a collage artist in my other incarnation, these things are amazing. I've got the bug, big time, and I've been making them all day.  A lot of people do digital collage, and produce multiples of the same card, or make prints.  I've decided to do just originals, because by the time I finished embellishing a print it'd be an original anyway, so why bother?

Only two are finished so far, the rest are either drying or in various stages of assembly.  These will probably be entered in the TTT Halloween ACEO contest, but I might make others.

"I Loved Alone"
Either way, this is a brilliant way to make smaller, more cohesive and brief artistic statements.  I feel like I can express a single thought, instead of composing an epic about something.  It's forcing me to be brief, and narrow my scope, which is something I have trouble doing.  Plus, it's a way to use all the lovely little bits and pieces I've gathered but haven't really been able to work into a full collage.  

Now to find a way to display them....and to start collecting myself....

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