Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm in a bit of a lull right now, because all my creative energy is going toward working on my husband's 15th century fencing gear. (Which I'll show off as soon as it's finished.)  It's a fun project, but because I'm basically doing everything from photos of how it should look, with no real reference, it's been a little annoying.

But I realized I haven't properly introduced myself, Samantha Merriweather, and Merriweather Techology. Thought I'd take the time now to do so.

I'm Samantha, a 29 year old geek who actually gets paid to make art and write. I do a little bit of everything when it comes to creative pursuits, right now I mostly focus on gun and gear designs and mixed media assemblage and collage, but I also mess around with painting, jewelry making, and sewing.  I'm currently abut 1/2 way through my first novel (young adult cyberpunk, thank you for asking.)

I got into steam punk mostly through the table top RPG Unhallowed Metropoliswhich is set in a a Neo-Victorian London that could be/could have been.  After falling in love with it, I found out there was actually an entire subculture devoted to all this, and it escalated from there.

I'm a serious nerd, and do a lot of gaming, both table top with dice, and the kind where you play dress up and walk around.  Gear making really comes from this. I ran my first Unahllowed LARP at KublaCon 2007, and will be running my latest at Dundracon this year.  Everyone knows LARPs need cool props. I started designing gear as a way to make those props I needed a lot more cheaply than I could buy them.  Next thing I knew, I was being offered money for them.

The Samantha Merriweather persona is actually derived from a character in that first LARP.  She was the current president of the Society for Man and His Rational Capacities, a collection of the finest scientific minds in the world, all devoted to inventive pursuits. She's evolved since then into a sort of mad scientist type, upper class, but willing to get her hands dirty in the name of Science!  It gives me a lot of costuming options, and some seriously fun excuses to deck myself out in all sorts of bits of tech.

Merriweather Technology is the flavor text for the gear. It's the frame I use to turn what I make from cool little guns into pieces with deep histories and their own voice.

There is, of course, my outlook on steampunk, and my theories about the subculture, from literature to fashion, but we won't go there today.
And since blogs are boring without photos.....

pew pew pew

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